Summer 2022 In-Person Workshop#

The goal for the ESCIP workshops is to bring together chemistry, physics, and astronomy faculty to share existing resources and develop new Python coding exercises using Jupyter Notebooks to teach undergraduate science courses that are not computationally-focused (targeting novice programmers).

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the in-person ESCIP Workshop has been delayed until July 4-6, 2022. It will be held immediately before the Cottrell Scholars Meeting, which is scheduled for July 6-8, 2022 in Tuscon, AZ.

Thanks to support from the Cottrell Scholar Collaborative, all costs (including housing and meals) associated with the in-person workshop will be covered. The goal for the two-day workshop is to bring together faculty who have used Python coding exercises to teach undergraduate chemistry, physics or astronomy courses. The majority of time will be devoted to working individually or collaboratively to actively write or adopt Python-based exercises that can be incorporated directly into existing or revamped courses. We will also budget time to share resources, discuss pedagogy, best practices and technical tools. Our goal is to produce a number of new or improved Jupyter Notebooks by the end of the workshop that we can share with the ESCIP community.

The attendees for the 2022 workshop have already been selected, but if you are interested in learning more about the outcomes of this workshop, please contact the workshop organizer Grace Stokes.